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Rosneft Oil Company

July 3, 2019

Igor Sechin makes a business trip to the PCK refinery in Germany

Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft, has made a business trip to the PCK refinery situated in Schwedt, Germany.

During the trip a meeting was held in which Rosneft's Vice President for Refining, Petrochemical, Commerce and Logistics Didier Casimiro, Vice President for Refining Alexander Romanov, Vice President for Commerce and Logistics Otabek Karimov, General Director of Rosneft Deutschland GmbH Brian Chesterman, as well as general managers of PCK Refinery Wulf Spitzley and Josef Maily, also took part.

During the meeting the CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin thanked the administration and workers of the PCK refinery, as well as Rosneft Deutschland employees, for timely measures taken to prevent damage to the equipment and refinery shut-down, prevent the risks of damage to the environment caused by supplying of ęsurrogateĽ oil through the Druzhba pipeline, and fully provide the German consumers with high-quality products.

Notes: 4 out of 6 refineries which received oil, contaminated with chlororganic compounds, suffered severe losses and had to stop operations to repair the equipment. Only Kuybyshev Refinery and –— Schwedt, thanks to correct and timely actions for anti-corrosion protection of equipment, were able to continue operations and provide the market with high-quality fuel.  

Today the PCK refinery is operating at full capacity, which allows to fully meet the requirements of the German market. Given the restrictions in oil supply through the Druzhba pipeline system, additional volumes of oil are delivered to the refinery through the port of Rostock. Despite the complicated logistics, these deliveries guarantee full refinery utilisation.

The PCK refinery and Mineralölverbundleitung GmbH (MVL), the German operator of the Druzhba pipeline, accepted some of the contaminated oil to free the system and ensure the ability to supply high-quality crude.

In accordance with the instructions from the country's authorities to tighten control over the quality of oil, it was decided to attract professional surveyor companies at all stages of crude transportation. Russian and European consumers should be confident, that the crude they receive fully conforms to quality standards of the crude provided by Rosneft to the pipeline system.

For its part, the Company fully guarantees safety and quality of oil and oil-product supplies to its customers in Russia and Germany.

Notes for editors:

Rosneft is a shareholder in three refineries in Germany, with 54.17 % in the PCK refinery, 24 % in the MiRO refinery and 25 % in the Bayernoil refinery, with total refining capacity in ownership ratios of 12.5 mln tonnes/year, which is more than 12 % of all refining capacity in Germany. Average processing depth is 93 %, average Nelson Complexity Index is 9.1.

The operations are conducted by the subsidiary of the Company, Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, which was registered in Germany in 2017. The enterprise controls crude deliveries to the refineries and oil-product trading. Since January of 2019 the company started sales of all oil-products produced at German refineries with Rosneft's participation, including gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, LPG, bitumen, fuel oil and petrochemicals. 

The company produces about 60 oil-product lines in total. Since the foundation of Rosneft Deutschland GmbH an international team of 150 specialists in the sector of refining, marketing and sales was created.

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