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December 3, 2019

Technical Policy Discussed at International Electric Networks Forum to Implement Development Strategy of Electric Grid Compound and Digital Transformation

At the International Electric Networks Forum organized by Rosseti, on December 3, 2019, a panel discussion took place entitled “Technical policy for implementing the tasks of the development strategy of the electric grid complex and digital transformation”. The event took place in the 75th pavilion of VDNKh Exhibition.

It was attended by Andrey Mayorov, Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer of Rosseti Company, Aleksey Soldatenko, General Director of Rosseti Tyumen; Oleg Pavlov, Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer of Rosseti Volga; Dmitry Sharovatov, Chairman of the Board, General Director of BESK JSC; Ilshat Galimzyanov, Deputy General Director of OJSC Network Company; Sergey Shermakov, Development Director, Telematic Solutions LLC (WAVIoT).

In accordance with the Strategy for the development of the electric grid compound of the Russian Federation, since 2018, the domestic electric power industry has been implementing a transition from the system of planned preventive maintenance for repair work at electric grid facilities to the organization of repair work according to the actual technical condition.

The panel discussion participants discussed technical and technological solutions that can provide increased efficiency of asset management of the electric grid compound and the reliability of energy facilities. The discussion participants also focused on the expected effects of the implementation of the new technical policy of the electric grid compound in the context of investment planning, operational and repair activities in the implementation of the objectives of the Development Strategy and digital transformation.

“Scientific and technological progress is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and we are promptly responding to these changes. Today, we have many offers from domestic and foreign companies. This allows us to implement our global plans for the modernization and development of the electric grid compound, including the implementation of the Digital Transformation Concept. One of the basic backbone components for achieving these goals was the updated Unified Technical Policy which was developed by us over the past year and approved by the Board of Directors of Rosseti. This document sets the standards and requirements for power grid equipment, which are fundamentally new. Our policy investment documents are based on this Policy.  Using this mechanism, we intend to achieve key indicators that are the main criteria for reliable and uninterrupted operation of the electric grid compound and high-quality energy supply to consumers. These include ensuring a 100% level of observability and controllability of electric grid facilities, an increase in labor productivity, a significant reduction in the level of electricity losses, a considerable decrease in the frequency and duration of blackouts, a reduction in capital and operating costs, ”Andrey Mayorov, Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer of Rosseti, underlined.




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