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August 5, 2014

ROSSETI and the State Grid Corporation of China meet to discuss developing the energy infrastructure in the Zabaykalsky Krai

Representatives from ROSSETI and the State Grid Corporation of China gathered in Chita for a technical meeting to discuss developing the energy infrastructure in the Zabaykalsky Krai as well as the main parameters of related investment projects. The Chinese delegation also inspected the facilities constructed in the '60s and '70s which need repairs.

There are current plans to implement a number of projects in Eastern Siberia aimed at renovating and upgrading the power networks. Operations are being conducted together with Chinese specialists as part of the existing strategic partnership agreement. The document designates the creation of a joint venture as well as bilateral operations in developing the smart grid, constructing new and upgrading existing energy facilities and managing the electricity sector to improve operational safety.

During their first visit, the technical group from the State Grid Corporation of China inspected the Siberian Interregional Distribution Grid Company's energy facilities at its ChitaEnergy branch. The parties examined the facilities which may need renovations and new construction while also discussing the partnership's focus in terms of implementing new technological solutions.

Representatives from the State Grid Corporation of China particularly visited the 110/10/6 kV Severnaya and Kashtak substations and the 35/6 kV Nasosnaya Regional Power Station. These stations feed over 100 socially-important facilities, they feed the krai's clinical hospital, perinatal centre, regional hospital, children's hospitals, oncology centre as well as the pumping station at the Chita Combined Heat and Power Plant no. 1. The delegation also inspected a number of power distribution centres and transformer substations located in Chita.

The next meeting of the combined ROSSETI and State Grid Corporation of China task force will take place this August in Beijing and discuss creating the joint venture. Results from the trip to Chita will also be discussed at this meeting. There are also plans to discuss the next steps with respect to formulating a business model and the structure of the joint venture while also examining the issue of funding the venture's operations in Russia.

A closer partnership between Russia and China to upgrade the power grid infrastructure, which includes developing the smart grid, is part of ROSSETI's strategic plan to create a new network infrastructure in Siberia and the Far East to foster the development of the mining and metallurgical sector. This is also conducive to integrating the energy systems on the Eurasian continent and will significantly decrease the costs for storing reserve power for market participants.




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