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September 26, 2014

Oleg Budargin checks the readiness of the astrakhan electric grid complex before the Caspian summit

Today, September 26, General Director of JSC Rosseti, Oleg Budargin, personally inspected the readiness of the electric grid complex of the Astrakhan region to ensure reliable power supply for the Fourth Summit of the Heads of the Caspian States. The CEO of Rosseti visited a number of key substations that supply the summit facilities, met with the production staff, and held a meeting with the technical managers of the subsidiary company - IDGC South.

Oleg Budargin visited two transformer stations located in the Astrakhan Kremlin, which provide energy to pavilions and exhibition grounds, and checked the backup power supply circuit.

The Kremlin will be the main venue of the international meeting at the time of the Summit. During the inspection, the CEO of Rosseti talked to the teams, on duty at the facilities, and drew attention to the particular importance of the staff's quality work to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the event.

Oleg Budargin also checked the readiness of the 110/10/6 kV Severnaya substation and the 110/10/10 kV Yubileynaya substation, which are part of the main circuit power supply of key areas of the Summit.

Both the site of the summit, as well as infrastructure: hotels, airports, office buildings, and the TV centre, are under the special control of the power engineers. Residential consumers, who should not experience any inconvenience during such a big event, also received attention.

The director of IDGC South, Boris Ebzeev, told the CEO of Rosseti that during this period all involved power facilities will have round-the-clock personnel on duty, involving more than 350 people, and heightened security measures will also be taken. To accomplish this, resources have been summoned, not only from the regions of IDGC South, but also from other companies of the Rosseti Group.

Also during the Summit, 61 units of special equipment will be activated and 12 secondary power supply sources will be prepared with total capacity of 1850 kW.

The specially created Monitoring Centre for Reliability of Power Supply coordinates the reliability of power supply to the Caspian capital. It has shown to be effective in the course of preparation for the event. During the preparation, 25 emergency-response training sessions were held, which also included the participation of consumer installation personnel.

As additional measures of rapid response to possible abnormal situations in Astrakhan, a mobile Locational-Analysis Centre (LAC) was deployed. The main purpose of the LAC is the operational coordination, monitoring, and analysis of linear power facilities using unmanned aerial vehicles, data transmission, and video conferencing on-site of detected violations, if any occur.

“Rosseti has gained considerable experience in providing reliable, continuous power supply for major international events in Russia. Considerable effort has been applied in Astrakhan to prepare the electric grid complex to function during the Summit of Heads of Caspian States. I am certain that the power engineers will do their work efficiently and create the necessary conditions for dialogue of the participating countries,” said Oleg Budargin.




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