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July 17, 2014

CEO of Russian Grids meets chief engineers of company’s subsidiaries

The CEO of JSC Russian Grids Oleg Budargin as part of a staff meeting of technical managers of the company’s subsidiaries met the chief engineers of the subsidiaries and associates of the company in St. Petersburg.

The head of JSC Russian Grids was briefed on electrical injury situations and the rate of accident risks in specific companies and in the Group companies as a whole. He pointed out the general positive trend, but noted that a reduction in showings in a number of subsidiaries is unacceptable.

In order to tackle injury situations on production facilities Oleg Budargin instructed to hold regular meetings of the heads of production units with transmission facility employees, to organize counselling with personnel and to build up dialogue. He also demanded the introduction of a mandatory daily medical examination of the company’s energy experts before each working shift.

In connection with the continuing occurrence of third parties entries on power supply facilities, which often lead to serious injury and even death, the head of JSC Russian Grids demanded to intensify security control over the substations and power transmission lines (PTL) of all voltage classes. He stressed the need for applying the toughest sanctions on company authorities who are to blame for such accidents.

Also pointed out to the need to install special lighting equipment on power transmission lines situated near airports and airways, including those of light aircraft.

When discussing the reduction of accidents in the subsidiaries of the Group companies the CEO of JSC Russian Grids recalled the crucial importance of maintaining the operating state of the existing power supply assets and the need to first and foremost to pay particular attention to operating activities (timely repair works, acquisition of necessary emergency supplies and reserved supplies. He also stressed the need to provide salary support for industrial personnel on a high and competitive level.

To reduce the risk of technological failures due to trees falling on power transmission lines, Oleg Budargin proposed considering the possibility of replacing the poles with higher ones which will also help to contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing the area of protected land zones and the number of trees set to be cut down. This will also help to reduce costs of operating the power lines.

In conclusion, the CEO recalled that at present the electrical power grid network is operating in harsh economic conditions, that is why it is crucial to conduct management enhancement. "This has nothing to do with staff reduction, it is more about the rational assignment of duties,” he stressed.




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