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November 28, 2003

CenterTelecom is true to its word

The In-Cantonment Telephone Installation Program Is Nearing Completion. On 27 November 2003, an inauguration of an electronic telephone exchange with a capacity of 1504 numbers constructed by the Moscow Affiliate of JSC CenterTelecom pursuant to the Corporation's in-cantonment telephone installation program was held in the military township of Kalininets in the Naro Fominsk District (Moscow Region).

The Disrtict is noted for its large number of cantonments where close to 40 000 officers and petty officers on extended service reside with their families. The "seclusiveness" of the military compounds as such used to serve an explanation for their lacking access to the public switched telephone network. Through the concerted action of the Moscow Region Government, Military Command, local authorities, leadership of JSC CenterTelecom and that of its Moscow Affiliate, and by virtue of the professionalism of the Naro Fominsk Telecommunications Department personnel, the cantonment inhabitants presently enjoy all kinds of telecommunications service, inclusive of access to Internet.

As far back as 2000, the JSC "Electrosvyaz" of the Moscow Region (presently an Affiliate Company of JSC CenterTelecom) drew up a specific Naro Fominsk District In-Cantonment Telecommunications Development Program for 2001-2004 . The Program was approved and supported by the Moscow Region Government and the Governor of the Moscow Region Mr. Boris Gromov.

Over the past three years, the Naro Fominsk Telephone Node specialists have made a real breakthrough in providing telecommunications services, increasing by several times the capacity of the existing network and meeting the applications for telephone installation of the bulk of the cantonment residents. In 2001, an Automatic Telephone Exchange (ATE) with a capacity of 1712 numbers was constructed in the cantonment of the Khantemirovskaya Division. Likewise, a DECT radio access systems in the Kalininets, Selyatino and Vostochny cantonments of the Tamanskaya Division were built with a total capacity of 312 numbers.

In 2002, the internal networks in the Khantemirovskaya and Tamanskay Divisions' cantonments were enhanced and extended. Their total capacity amounted to 3424 numbers. The schools, shops and policlinics in the Divisions' compounds were provided with telephone facilities.

The construction and start-up of an ATE for 1504 numbers in the Kalininets cantonment of the Tamanskaya Division is yet another step toward the implementation of the target Program. The new ATEs that were commissioned provide a broad spectrum of quality telecommunications services to the subscribers, ranging from local connections to the Internet access. In the immediate future with the activation in the Vostochny and Kalininets cantonments of the two Automatic Telephone Exchanges, their total capacity being 1750 numbers, the last phase of the Program will be finalized.

Messrs. Victor Savostin, Acting Head of the Naro Fominsk District, Nikita Brodskiy, Commercial Director of the JSC CenterTelecom Moscow Affiliate, Vladimir Agulov, Director of the Naro Fominsk Telecommunications Department, Alexey Posvezhinniy, Head of the Naro Fominsk Rural Circuit, Andrey Gluschenko, Commander of the Guards Tamanskaya Motorized Rifle Division, and the District dwellers took part in the Automatic Telephone Exchange activation ceremony.

The Commander of the Guards Tamanskay Motorized Rifle Division Major-General Andrey Gluschenko expressed his warm thanks to the leadership and specialists of JSC CenterTelecom and those of its Moscow Affiliate, as well as functionaries of the Naro Fominsk Telecommunications Department for their contribution to providing the cantonments with the telephone facilities and the Alpha Plus quality of communication services.

The Acting Head of the Naro Fominsk District Mr. Victor Savostin stressed for his part that the Automatic Telephone Exchange had been commissioned one month before the target date. He spoke highly of the concerted effort made by and the unflagging responsibility of the telecommunicators, local administration, and the garrison Command in resolving a significant social task of providing the cantonments and the District as a whole with the telephone infrastructures and services.





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