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November 27, 2007

DSK Blok introduces dwellings built for servicemen to the President of Russia

On November 26, President Vladimir Putin visited a residential district built for military servicemen under Program 15+15 in the town of Pushkin near St. Petersburg. One of the four lots comprising sixteen 3- and 4-storied houses was introduced to the President by DSK Blok (a company of LSR Group).

Also present on the occasion were First Vice-Premier of the RF Government Sergei Ivanov, Head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Public Utility Services Sergei Kruglik, Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, officials of the Ministry of Defence and general contractors.

“We’ll be done with the problem of permanent dwellings for servicemen by 2010, and by 2012 we will resolve the problem of housing perks,” the President said recalling that additional measures to provide housing to the military will be continued — a relevant plan up to 2012 is already being implemented.

Under the programme, just over a year DSK Blok completed and delivered in the military neighbourhood sixteen 3- and 4-storied houses with an area of 40,500 sqm i.e. 611 flats. It includes 92 one-room, 331 two-room and 286 three-room flats. The houses were made of prefabricated reinforced concrete using a seamless technology for fit-out. All houses were delivered fully finished on a turnkey basis.

“Certainly it wasn’t easy: a tight time schedule, high responsibility, the necessity to match the architecture of Pushkin… But we have managed it so the workers of our company feel proud,”said Alexandr Gobeev, CEO of DSK Blok. “And the fact that the President took part in the opening of the new neighbourhood and personally visited the dwellings constructed for servicemen is another proof of the importance and caliber of the tasks jointly addressed by several construction companies.”

Alexandr Gobeev also stressed that his company is willing to take part in handling the problem of dilapidated and run-out housing. “I’m sure that our factory is capable of ensuring the necessary output and building dwellings that will fully meet today’s quality standards and obtain the status of “a business card of affordable housing,” said Alexandr Gobeev who noted that currently a modernization and upgrading programme is in full swing at the company.

“Programme 15+15 aimed at constructing housing for servicemen has proved to be efficacious,” stated Sergei Ivanov. “This project has helped to resolve the burning issue of providing housing to military servicemen.”

It may be noted that the Federal Programme has been implemented in four lots in the framework of the Resolution of the RF Government No.249 of April 28, 2006 “On Additional Measures to Provide Housing for the Servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

The customer of the project is the Federal Agency for Construction and Public Utility Services, and the developer is FGU (Federal State Institution) Joint Directorate for Implementing Federal Investment Programmes. The general contractors are ZAO DSK Blok (a company of LSR Group), FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) “211 KZhBI,” ZAO IVI-93 and OJSC Monolitstroi.

The military quarter is built on a plot of land of the Ministry of Defence in Pushkin. The site borders on Sapyornaya, Gusarskaya and Parkovaya streets, and Krasnoselskoye Shosse. 60 houses have been built here for 2,566 flats with a total area of 159,200 sqm. The largest in Russia joint project of St. Petersburg and Rosstroi (Federal Agency for Construction and Public Utility Services) is now completed. It took only a year to build a whole neighbourhood that includes a school, kindergarten, modern shopping complex, children’s playgrounds and sports grounds. Given its large scale the project has been implemented over a record-beating time.

For reference:

ZAO DSK Blok, a company of LSR Group, is a leader in the market of panel housing construction in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in production and construction of residential houses made of prefabricated reinforced concrete. The company was founded in 1992. Under public budget orders DSK Blok has built over 220,000 sqm of housing including major projects such as Rzhevka-Porokhoviye, Neighbourhood 50, and the North-Primorskaya district including Neighbourhoods 56, 56AB and 59A, 59B that have turned into an example of neighbourhood housing developments.

OJSC LSR Group is a diversified construction company founded in 1993. Its core business areas are building materials, construction and real estate development. The Group comprises companies engaging in extraction and processing of aggregates, production and transportation of building materials, and housing construction – from mass market large-panel housing to elite residential property built after designs made by leading domestic and foreign architects. LSR Group has companies and offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow, a number of cities in the Leningrad Region, in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Germany. LSR Group employs nearly 15,000 people. In July 2007, Moody’s Investors Service assigned a B1 rating to LSR Group; outlook — stable.

For more details please contact:

DSK Blok
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+ 7 (812) 598-52-03; + 7 (812) 936-53-56

Press Service, LSR Group
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