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October 25, 2005

Gazprom Management Committee reviewed the UGTS operational readiness for the autumn-winter season

Today Gazprom Management Committee reviewed the issue of operational readiness of the United Gas Transmission System (UGTS) for the 2005-2006 autumn-winter season at its meeting.

It was noted during the meeting that the UGTS is generally prepared for operation for the upcoming autumn-winter season.

Commercial gas reserves in the underground storage facilities amount to 62.2 billion cubic meters. The facilities’ peak daily capacity is estimated to be 568 million cubic meters of gas compared to 550 million cubic meters of gas last year. Average daily capacity of the underground storage facilities is forecasted at the level of 477 million cubic meters of gas in December-February (this indicator in 2004 was 470.5 million cubic meters).

In January-September, 2005, Gazprom’s subsidiaries produced 400.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 688.7 million cubic meters less compared to the same period of 2004. Production decrease was caused by incomplete take-off of contracted gas volumes by foreign and local consumers due to extremely warm autumn of 2005.

Natural gas production in the autumn-winter season of 2005-2006 is projected to amount to 290.77 billion cubic meters (146.57 bcm in the forth quarter of 2005, 144.2 bcm in the first quarter of 2006).

As of October 1, 2005, in order to facilitate reliable operations of gas producing subsidiaries of Gazprom in the upcoming autumn-winter season, 142 gas wells were brought into operation in Zapolyarnoye oil and gas condensate field, Yamburg gas condensate field, Urengoiskoye, En-Yakhimskoye, Eti-Purovskoye fields, as well as in Orenburggazprom’s and Kubangazprom’s fields. By the end of 2005, Booster Compressor Station - 3 of the Complex Gas Treatment Unit -14 and 15 at Orenburgskoye oil and gas condensate field, the first train of the Booster Compressor Station at Vingayakhinskoye field, as well as 110 additional new gas wells will be brought into operation.

In the nine months of 2005, 75 gas treatment units, 65 booster compressor station shops, and 403 gas wells were repaired. 1519 km of gas pipelines, 270 km more compared to the same period last year, and 122 underwater gas pipeline crossings were overhauled. On-line inspection of 14400 km of gas pipelines was conducted. Besides, this year diagnostics is carried out in 454 shops and at 181 compressor stations.

In January-September 2005, Gazprom supplied 272.1 billion cubic meters of gas to Russian consumers, an increase of 8.4 bcm over the same period last year. The energy industry companies were supplied with 107.5 billion cubic meters of gas, metal manufacturers were supplied with 21.3 billion cubic meters of gas, and agricultural chemistry companies were supplied with 15.8 billion cubic meters of gas.

It was emphasized during the meeting that successful operation in the autumn-winter season, especially during peak take-off of gas by consumers, based on previous years’ experience, will largely depend on regional gas consumption discipline and build up of back-up fuel reserves, as well as on boilers and heat distribution grids maintenance.




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