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February 11, 2004

The Federal Committee of Securities integrated issues of shares of the OJSC FETEC (Dalsvyaz)

The OJSC FETEC (Dalsvyaz) reports of resolutions taken at the meeting of the Federal Committee of Securities in Russia held on January 30, 2004

1. to integrate additional issue of issue securities of the Open Joint Stock Company Far eastern telecommunications Company.

2. to cancel state registration numbers classed to issues of ordinary registered non-documentary shares of the Open Joint Stock Company Far Eastern Telecommunications Company.

  • 20-1-997 dated 15.07.96; 
  • 1-03-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 1-04-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 1-05-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 1-06-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 1-07-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 1-08-30166-F dated 30.07.2002.

To give 1-01-30166-F registration number to the above-mentioned issues.

3. to cancel the following state registration numbers given to issued of preferred registered non-documentary shares of the Open Joint Stock Company Far Eastern Telecommunications Company.

  • 20-1-996 dated 15.07.96; 
  • 2-03-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 2-04-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 2-05-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 2-06-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 2-07-30166-F dated 30.07.2002; 
  • 2-08-30166-F dated 30.07.2002.

To give 2-01-30166-F registration number to the mentioned issues.

Subject to the above-mentioned resolution the OJSC Far Eastern Telecommunications Company has two effective issues of shares instead of fourteen.

We would also like to remind that decision of issue of preferred and ordinary shares placed by way of converting already placed shares of the same category and offering circulars for the above-mentioned shares is under consideration of the Federal Committee of Securities of Russia since January 26, 2004.

The documents were submitted to the Federal Committee of Securities subject of resolution of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on June 11, 2003 about increase of the Company authorized capital by way of increasing nominal value of placed shares twofold (up to 20 rubles) at the expense of internal funds (surplus capital and retained profit).

Shares will be placed by means of converting already placed shares. Conversion date shall be the 10th (tenth) working day after state registration of issue. After conversion circulation of shares will be suspended till registration of reports of issue results.




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