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June 19, 2002

The strikes in Europe forced changes in Aeroflot flight timetable

On June 19, 2002 the Russian airline "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines" like all the other international air carriers is to make changes in the flight timetable of France and Greece directions because of the announced air traffic controllers’ strike in a number of European countries.

Moscow – Paris – Moscow

SU 251 flight Moscow – Paris (according to timetable departure from Moscow is 14:00 and arrival in Paris is 15:40) and the return flight SU 252 Paris – Moscow (according to timetable departure from Paris is 17:00 and arrival in Moscow is 22:40) are cancelled.
SU 576 flight Moscow – Paris (according to timetable departure from Moscow is 18:40 and arrival in Paris is 20:20) is delayed by 3 hours and it leaves Moscow at 21:45.
SU 254 return flight Paris – Moscow (according to timetable departure from Paris is 00:50 and arrival in Moscow is 06:30) is also delayed by 3 hours. SU 249 flight Moscow – Paris is effective, it leaves Moscow on schedule at 9:00 a. m. SU 250 return flight Paris – Moscow is also effective, it leaves Paris on schedule at 11:55 a. m. and arrives in Moscow at 17:35.

Moscow – Nice – Moscow

SU 273 flight Moscow – Nice is delayed. Instead of 10:00 a. m. it leaves Moscow at 21:20.
Accordingly, SU 274 return flight Nice –Moscow is also delayed (according to timetable departure from Nice is 13:05 and arrival in Moscow is 18:55).

Moscow – Athens – Moscow

SU 295 flight Moscow – Athens is delayed by two and a half hours. Instead of 11:30 a. m. it leaves Moscow at 13:55.
Accordingly, SU 296 return flight Athens – Moscow is also delayed.

In Spain a national strike is expected on June 20, 2002. There are no Aeroflot flights to Spain this day, however the flight timetable of the previous day is changed.
On June 19, SU 299 flight Moscow – Madrid and the return flight SU 300 Madrid – Moscow is an hour earlier in order to leave Madrid before the announced strike begins. Aeroflot airplane leaves Moscow for Madrid at 19:20 instead of 20:15, Moscow – Madrid flight is at 23:30 instead of 00:25. All the travelers have been informed in advance to come to the airport an hour earlier than scheduled.

Aeroflot expresses regret at the situation and does everything in its power to minimize the inconveniences caused to the passengers.

© 2001 Aeroflot - Russian Airlines




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