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March 26, 2003

"Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory - branch of "UTK" PJSC reports the year 2002 results

"Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory, branch of "UTK" PJSC is a leading provider of telecom services in the Stavropol Territory. Technical and service development of telecommunications in the Stavropol Territory is inseparably linked with the development of OJSC "Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory (now - the regional branch of "UTK" PJSC). Business results of the year 2002 show that the branch's efforts were aimed at further satisfaction of needs of residential and business sectors of the Territory for main telecom services.

The main result of the year is full completion of the process of connecting all cities and regional centers of the Stavropol Territory by means of fiber-optic communication lines. Stavropolie is the first region in Russia to have fulfilled such significant task.

Share of digital technology-based services in total volume of telecom services provided by the branch reached 43 percent versus average in Russia 26 percent. It made it possible to improve the quality of communication and to enter the market with a wide range of value-added services (ISDN services, video telephony, telematic services, Internet access, supplementary services of digital local telephone exchanges).

Besides, digital communication network opens up great possibilities for development of such cellular operators as CJSC "StavTeleSot" and CJSC "Mobicom-Kavkaz" ("Megafon") almost in all towns and regional centers of the Stavropol Territory.

Telecom services revenue is up 31 percent compared with 2001 constituting 1 billion 672 million rubles. Total revenue amounts to 1 billion 701 million rubles, a 30.4% gain over the year-ago period. "Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory takes the third place among 10 "UTK" PJSC branches in terms of these performance indices giving way to 'Kubanelectrosvyaz' (1st  place) and "Rostovelectrosvyaz" (2nd  place).

Budget execution in the items of expenditures is valued at 1 billion 113 million rubles, so costs increased by 1.3 times in comparison with the previous year. At the same time 3 million rubles of costs were saved on the whole.

In the reporting period income growth (30.4%) goes ahead of costs increase (27.4%) which made it possible to get sales income valued at 588 million rubles instead of the planned 575 million rubles. Income before income tax amounts to 164 million rubles, income per one line constitutes 320 rubles. Profitability reached 15%.

Cost price of 1 ruble of proceeds is down 1 kopeck from 2001 and comes to 65 kopecks. All the performance indices showing the efficiency of the branch's work were executed in full and increased significantly in comparison with 2001.

Proceeds per one line is up 25 percent reaching 3 308 rubles versus the planned 3 290 rubles.

Operating earnings per one line rose from 875 to 1 143 rubles (the plan is executed by 102 percent). Telecom services earnings per one line is up 649 rubles and amounts to 3 251 rubles (versus the planned 3 220 rubles). Number of lines per one employee reached 79, generating a 110.7-percent growth rate. "Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory is ranked from 2nd  to 4th  among "UTK" PJSC branches in terms of efficiency.

In spite of hard weather conditions of the previous year the branch managed to fulfill its plan for development and to put into operation all the planned objects. Digital and crossbar local telephone exchanges with equipped capacity of 48 thousand lines were put into operation which is a record result of the last years. In the current year "Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory plans to put into operation about 67 thousand lines.

Subscriber network increased by 22 thousand telephone sets totaling today about 530 thousand telephones. 302 universal public phones were installed for the residents of the Stavropol Territory, thus total number of universal public phones in the network exceeding two thousand.

Capital expenditures constituted 354 million rubles, fixed assets put into operation were estimated at 331 million rubles. The largest digital local telephone exchanges were built in Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Nevinnomyssk, Georgievsk. Besides urban telephones exchanges "Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory builds more and more modern digital exchanges in rural areas of the Territory.

Last year central local digital telephone exchanges with communication nodes in Ipatovo and Stepnoi were put into operation. Besides, rural digital telephone exchanges of "Elcom" type were put into operation in villages Manycheskoe, Derbetovka in Apanasenskovski district, Verkhnerusskoe, Solomenskoe, Irgakly in Stepnovski district. Building of new digital telephone exchanges in villages Barsukovskaya and Nadzornoe in Kochubeevski district, the most-suffered from floods in June, is entering the final stage.

"Electrosvyaz" Stavropol Territory continues to build its multi-service network in order to provide its customers with wider range of modern telecom services and to broaden the functions of intelligent platform of service telephone cards (STK).





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