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March 31, 2003

LC-A is in a big five

In accordance with rating of Web-site "LOMO-compact" got to the number of the most popular five compact cameras of the world.

Web-site is one of the biggest net shops of Germany. Besides selling of products it gives to its numerous visitors the opportunity both to look at ratings of different goods and to estimate these goods.

   In the rating of compact cameras, combined on the basis of opinions of website visitors, "LOMO-compact" had occupied a deserved position. Though it was very unusual to see familiar contours among silvery Japanese cameras, looking like newcomers from another epoch, but fact was fact - St. Petersburg.s "soap-box" got 4,5 marks from five possible surely went round a lot of famous competitors.

   Everybody could not only estimate cameras, but also write short stories about them, speaking out their opinion in details.  There were 14 opinions in the section of "LOMO-compact". The majority of people leaving these messages were not the members of the Lomographic Society. They were ordinary photo amateurs, who occasionally got into hands small, looking little old-fashioned Russian camera and suddenly realized that they had been looking for such camera during all their life.

   "Pictures are very good for compact camera. I'm always very amazed of high quality of images, made in the evening or at night. Pictures possess their own charm, which is impossible to describe. Art aesthetic, which I can't get by means of another camera, presents in images, made by "LOMO-compact". I've got this camera five years already, batteries haven't discharged for ages, almost all the snapshots are of a very good quality, and my "LOMO" had never thrown me in the misfortune. I don't make photos "from the hip", because I would like to know in advance what will be caught to the shot. For my money I've got a very good camera, excellent for vacations and travelling. My "LOMO" has never been obstinate till today. I can recommend it to everybody, who wants to make photos during vacations, who has art ambitions and who simply believes in the quality of the Russian precise optics."

   This is one of the opinions about "LOMO-compact" published at this Web-site.  Not only this author but also others have found a lot of good words about the camera. The capacity of "L-CA" to make pictures in a bad illumination level and extraordinary quality was mentioned very frequently.




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