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February 6, 2013

Grid Control Center of Samara Distribution Grids expands its operational functions

The Grid Control Center (GCC) of Samara Distribution Grids, a branch of IGDC of Volga, JSC expands the scope of operational functions related to process management of electric grid facilities of the region. Centralized management of electric grid facilities will ensure more efficient electric grid control, enhanced power supply reliability and quality, and optimized operations of the entire electric power system of the Samara region. Readiness of the Grid Control Center to undertake operational functions was confirmed at the beginning of 2012 by the ad-hoc Commission. Its members include representatives of SO UES, JSC, IDGC of Volga, JSC, Samara Distribution Grids, a branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC, ODU (Unified Dispatch Office) of the Middle Volga, a branch of SO UES, JSC, and Samara RDU (Regional Dispatch Office), a branch of SO UES, JSC. Power facilities operated by Samara Distribution Grids will be transferred for centralized process management in four stages. The transfer process will be over in 2014. In 2012, the GCC of Samara Distribution Grids accepted under its operational control fourteen 110 kV overhead power transmission lines that provide electric power for over 100 thousand individual consumers, as well as for socially significant and industrial facilities of Chapayevsk and seven neighboring regional communities. Approved in December 2012 by the Commission comprising representatives of Samara RDU (Regional Dispatch Office), a branch of SO UES, JSC and Samara Distribution Grids, a branch of IGDC of Volga, JSC, the second stage of the transfer process is currently being implemented. Process control over fifteen 110 kV overhead power transmission lines and one 35 kV cable line, including high-voltage (110 kV) lines Metallurg-1 and 4, Semeikino-2, Krasnoglinskaya-3 and 4, Radiotsentr-2, etc. operated by Samara Production Department, was transferred to the GCC of Samara Distribution Grids. Besides, the Grid Control Center assumed the dispatch control over Samarskaya-1 overhead power transmission line (110 kV), Kryazhskaya-1 poled cable line (35 kV), and two 35 kV cable power lines – KF-1 and KF-2, from Samara RDU, a branch of SO UES, JSC. As part of expanding the operational functions of Samara Distribution Grids, the relevant agreements were signed, including agreements with Samara RDU, a branch of SO UES, JSC, Samara branch of Volga TGC, JSC, Kuibyshev railways, a branch of Russian Railways, JSC, Samara Bearing Plant, OJSC, Tarasov Works Incorporated, JSC, ZAO Alcoa SMZ, Volgaburmash, JSC, Kurumoch International Airport, JSC, MUP (Municipal Unitary Enterprise) Volzhselkhozenergo and other regional business entities. “These agreements establish procedures ensuring coordinated actions of various businesses and organizations related to negotiations on operational issues, changing operating conditions of equipment, elimination of power system disturbances, and exchange of operational and process-related information,” summarizes Mr. Oleg Pavlov, Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Volga, JSC, Director of Samara Distribution Grids. The state-of-the-art software and hardware complex implemented at GCC enables the dispatching staff to keep track of operations of power facilities owned by Samara Distribution Grids, in real time and in 24x7 mode, to control voltage levels, power equipment loads, and power flows through the main grid (35kV and over). Furthermore, the implemented activities will allow to improve the alerting system in order to provide timely warnings for all power companies in the event of disturbances in the operation of the unified power system of the Saratov region, and to reduce recovery times, thus resulting in increased reliability and safety of the power supply for all regional consumers.




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