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February 19, 2002

The meeting of AO Mosenergo's board of directors held on February 18

Board members reviewed the proposals on agenda items from shareholders owning more than 2% of voting shares of AO MOSENERGO, as well as the list of candidates nominated for election to the board of directors, the supervisory committee and the position of the general director.

These proposals were made by RAO UES, the Moscow Department for State and Municipal Property (on behalf of the Moscow Government) and minority shareholders.

After the discussion, the participants made the following decisions:

  • To pay dividends for 2001;
  • To pay remuneration to board members;
  • To pay remuneration to members of the supervisory committee.

The following candidates were included in the ballots to be used during the election of the board of directors:

  1. A.A. Vagner
  2. I. T. Goryunov
  3. A.V. Yevstafyev
  4. P.A. Yefanov
  5. A.Y. Kopsov
  6. V.V. Kudryavy
  7. V.V. Matveev
  8. I.N. Muravyev
  9. B.V. Nikolskii
  10. O.B. Oksuzyan
  11. V.Y. Platonov
  12. V.I. Reshetov
  13. S.P. Romanovskii
  14. P.S. Smirnov
  15. P.M. Teplukhin
  16. Y.A. Khardikov
  17. A.A. Chabak

The following AO MOSENERGO’s shareholders were included in the ballots to be used during the election of the members of the supervisory committee:

  1. T.V. Zhelobitskaya
  2. B.B. Moiseev
  3. D.N. Nikitin
  4. S.B. Sidorov
  5. G.F. Shevchenko

On behalf of the Moscow Government, the Department for State and Municipal Property proposed to include S.P. Romanovskii—deputy general director for capital construction—as a candidate for the position of the general director of AO MOSENERGO. In accordance with paragraph 12.6 of article 12 of AO MOSENERGO’s Articles, other proposals from shareholders owning more than 2% of voting shares can be submitted up to April 6, 2002.

The annual general meeting of shareholders is scheduled for May 30, 2002. The list of persons who are entitled to take in the general shareholder meeting should be prepared on April 12, 2002.

The participants in the board of directors meeting suggested that shareholders who own more than 2% of voting shares should submit to AO MOSENERGO’s board of directors the candidate nominations for the external auditor of the company.

The board of directors set the date of the following meeting for April 8, 2002, to discuss all procedural issues relating to the GSM and approve the agenda for the AGM.

In addition, the board of directors reviewed and discussed the following issues:

  • Tenders and bids held by the company;
  • Implementation of the obligations regarding the creation and use of the R&D foundation of RAO UES;
  • Preliminary financial results for the IV quarter of 2001;
  • Progress on the implementation of the Program for the Preparatory Stage of Reforms at AO MOSENERGO.



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