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August 19, 2003

Flower celebration in Petergof

On August 16, the Celebration of flowers was held in Petergof at the first time. Top-management of state museum gave opportunity to floral firms and flower salons to demonstrate their skills at the open grounds of the Low park and in the interiors of palaces. LOMO PLC was one of the sponsors and organizers of the event.

   Opening ceremony of the Celebration of flowers was held near the cascade "Chess hill" at 12 a.m. Despite of the bad weather it was decided to conduct the event in the open air and organizers haven't made a mistake, because the sky has become clear to the middle of the day. Nature favored to the wonderful Celebration of flowers. Colorful and bright defile-presentation of participants - "Dedication to the goddess Flora" followed after the open ceremony. Floral designers came to Petergof in the early morning specially to compile buckets to this part of the program.

   Later the exhibition "Bucket for impair couple" was opened. Flower compositions, made by floral designers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, were located in the interiors and on the background of the palace. Every visitor could not only admire of compositions, but also to estimate flower arrangements, taking part in voting for the best historical bucket. Summing up of voting results and handing of the  prize of spectators'  sympathy was held two hours later. Original arrangement of gladioluses was admitted the best. But many visitors denied taking part in voting - they said it was impossible to choose anything one from the represented beauty - all compositions were wonderful.

   During the event employees and floral designers of Petergof conducted for all visitors and participants lecture about the history of flowers, floral art, park history and flower production. It was very interesting for visitors of the park and for experienced designers to listen  these cognitive stories.

   Program has finished in the White Hall of the Big Petergof Palace by the concert of classic music in the performance of Ensemble of classic music of Mariinskiy Theatre, where compositions of Gendel, Motsart, Bah, Shtraus and Dworjak were performed.

   With a great sure we may say that the first Celebration of flowers succeeded, it was unforgettable day - the celebration of soul! Organizers of the event decided to conduct the Celebration of flowers every year. It's possible, that next year not only floral designers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, but famous designers in the sphere of floral art from other cities of Russia and even from abroad will take part in the event.

   Support of cultural events is an old and good tradition of LOMO PLC. We would like to remind that the St. Petersburg optical enterprise has already several years made sponsor and organization support to the International Flower Arrangers Festival, conducted in St. Petersburg.




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