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August 20, 2003

New victory in tender

LOMO PLC got official notification about victory in tender for supplying of complexes of voting paper processing (Russian abbreviation is KOIB) for the Federal Center of information (Russian abbreviation is FTSI) of the Central election Committee of the Russian Federation. LOMO took part at these consume trades together with "KROK inc." PVT in the form of comradeship.

   In 2001 the Central election Committee of the Russian Federation already conducted consume trades for designing and producing of KOIBs - devices, intended for automate processing of voting papers during the elections. Just after the victory at that tender LOMO has created a unique device, completely corresponding to demands of technical task of customer and current Russian legislation about elections. In 2002-2003 trial batch of KOIBs successfully passed through tests in the conditions of real elections in different regions of Russia.

   However the device has been made more expensive than it was planned before and customer couldn't buy KOIBs on the suggested price. In accordance with legislation new tender for the supplying of serial device was conducted this year on August.

   That it would possible to make KOIB cheaper and to save its high technical characteristics LOMO has found partner - Moscow Company "KROK". This firm has a great experience in the sphere of designing and producing of such devices and creation of program means, including means necessary for operating of KOIBs. LOMO has already cooperated with this firm during the designing of successor of KOIB - voting bulleting scanner (Russian abbreviation is SIB), produced for the Central election Committee in 1996-98.


   United efforts of both companies allowed winning in tender. LOMO came forward in tender on behalf of comradeship. Contract for supplying of KOIBs will be signed between LOMO and FTSI in the end of August. In accordance to contract terms LOMO with "KROK" to the end of 2004 have to produce more than 6000 items on the sum of 454.642.500 rubles.

   It's planned to use the first batch of KOIBs at the elections of governor of St. Petersburg on September this year. The second batch of devices will be made to the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation on December in 2003. The third batch must be produced to the President elections in spring in 2004. Following batches of devices will be produced in accordance with schedule, presented by the customer.




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