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November 20, 2003

Miron Griff: “It’s an Honour for Us to Work with KAMAZ”

Today the Russian seminar on “Certification of superstructures, municipal and construction vehicle and equipment” has finished its work at KAMAZ. The seminar was initiated by “SAMT – Fund” (Moscow), Certification Body of superstructures.

The participants comment the seminar and its results:

Miron Griff, head of “SAMT –Fund”, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor:

- This seminar is another step to implement the Russian Federation Law “On technical settlement”. Leading superstructures OEM have been cleared up. What KAMAZ Inc. is concerned, it has ascertained the most important trends to solve problems taking into consideration European standards on environment protection and security. All other vehicle plants should follow KAMAZ, as Russian Government toughens demands to superstructures. Besides, this is the question of politics, because Russia intends to enter International Trade Organization. KAMAZ plays the first fiddle role in this process. 65 per cent of Russian new superstructures generation is based on KAMAZ, that’s why it’s an honour for us to work with this Company.

Alexander Khulikhov, manager of VNIIMASH department, head of Certification Body on vehicle building output:

- One of the main technical settlement law aims is a maximal simplification of superstructures certification. It gives incentives for private business, which is rushing into this niche and is striving for launching of all range of superstructures for any truck. I thank “SAMT – Fund” for organization of the seminar at KAMAZ, because this Company is very experienced in cooperation with businessmen and moreover has the most full range of trucks with superstructures. And maybe it is better to hold next seminars only here, in Naberezhnye Chelny, for KAMAZ is an absolute leader in Russia in adjusting such matters. I think, it is the place for the Russian centre on development and production of superstructures.

Maria Ghlukharyeva, Deputy Chief Engender of RUP “MAZ” (Byelorussia):

- The seminar was conducted on a high level. Among the range of vehicle showed to us, I was pleasantly surprised with a new serial KAMAZ 4308 truck of middle carrying capacity.

Alexander Pas’ko, Deputy Director of standardization and certification department of vehicle building State Committee on Standardization and Metrology (Moscow):

- Engine is the heart of a truck. I have never seen such an advanced engine production in Russia as at “KAMAZ – Diesel” plant. Thus, I can make a conclusion that KAMAZ is closer than any other vehicle manufacturer to tackle problems discussed at the seminar.

There is no certification just for superstructures. Only the truck in general can be certified. The document on a truck certification proves that it meets operation and environment standards and securities norms. All it’s already real for KAMAZ.




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