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September 30, 2003

Only One Has Survived

Four victims of kidnapping were found on the territory of Tatarstan last weekend. Group of terrorists perpetrated adduction during the year. Victor Faber, Director General of “KAMAZ-Metallurgia” OJSC, Natalia Starodubtzeva, Chief economist of “KAMAZ-Metallurgia” OJSC ( kidnapped in May, 27, 2003), Eugenie Kornev, Director General of “Automaster” company, ( kidnapped in September, 10, 2002) were killed.

Exhumation is carried out. Reasons of death will be announced after the decision of medical experts within the next few days. Bullat Bayazitov, Director of “Bulai” Chocolate Factory, was the only who survived and was in captivity in one of the apartments of Naberezhnye Chelny city. ?e was lost in July,8, 2003. In September,27 was set free by security.

The first official information was announced at the Republic TV in the evening of September, 28, by Asgat Safarov, Secretary of Interior of Republic of Tatarstan. He said, that probably, Faber and Starodubtzeva were killed within the first days after kidnapping. Secretary commiserated with the relatives of the dead.

On Monday, Faizulla Khusniev, the Head of Interior Department of Naberezhnye Chelny city, and Sergey Brinza, acting as public prosecutor, while absence of boss, Ildus Nafikhov, commented the events in short.

Faizulla Khusniev:

- While arrest of citizens, wanted by the federal search, the police was forced to use weapon, as they showed resistance. At search, 5 flak jackets and “TT” gun was found in one of the apartments. A whole range of weapon was found after further searching operations: 8 guns, fuse, a lot of cartridges. Commando uniform and this of members of State Road Inspection, and rods were seized as well. The location of the kidnapped people was found due to the operational built up. There was not any information even for reward. The cars are not found. It is determined just their suppositional location.

Office of Public Prosecutor is carrying out an investigation, some people are still wanted, and are to be found in the nearest future, but key figures are in our hands now. We think, that arrested are the members of the terrorists’ group, which is called “Tagher’yanovskye”. Mostly it is the inhabitants of the south-western part of the city. Citizens of other cities of the Republic were in this group as well. The group had extensive connections in Russia and CIS. Police Chief and especially Mr. Brynza were more than cautious, answering the questions. They appealed to investigation secret and to the fact, that Office of Public Prosecutor is busy with this case due to its importance.

While operation one determined the burial place of the killed and found the apartment, where the only survived ,Bulat Bayazitov, suffered from assault and hard moral pressure. He was in usual house in Naderezhnye Chelny city. Earlier this apartment was not mentioned as a “ bad” one in criminal reports. Bodies of three kidnapped people were buried on the islands not far from the city. It is supposed, they got the lead.

P.S. Management of the company and the staff of “KAMAZ Inc.” OJSC commiserate with relatives of the dead officials.
Olga Erashova




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