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August 28, 2009

JSC RusHydro announces the most recent progress of restoration work at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, as of 12:00 August 28th, 2009

At present, more than 1,560 people are involved in ongoing accident and restoration work at JSC RusHydro's Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, including more than 850 RusHydro personnel. Organizational measures are currently being carried out to bring in the Company's personnel from other regional branches, affiliates and contractor organizations.

Water inflow to the HPP's dam is currently 2,800 cubic meters per second, and water is presently being released through the spillway portion at a rate of 3,325 cubic meters per second. Nine of the spillway dam bays are open to the second degree, and an additional=2 0two dam bays are open to the first degree. The level of the upper pool and the release of water through the hydro-engineering structures of the HPP fully comply with the water release regime that was recommended by the Angaro-Yenisei Basin Water Administration, adjusted for the current operating mode.  The level of the upper pool is 537.42 meters (compared to a normal level of 539 meters). The lower pool's level stands at 324.60 meters.

Water in the HPP building currently stands at 305.30 meters. Under current conditions, the total volume of water being pumped out equals 750 cubic meters per hour.  At present, three immersion pumps are operating -- two are being used to pump out the wet gallery and an additional one is being used to dry out the flow section of hydro-generator 2.  Artesian pumps No. 2 and No. 4 are currently in reserve.  In addition, a new pump has been delivered to the HPP in order to restore the artesian pump.

Work is ongoing to replace the glass in the turbine room windows, and work is also being carried out to create a thermal contour for turbine room repair. Thermal contour installation has been launched in the vicinity of hydro-generators 3 and 4. Near hydro-generator 2, foundations have been laid to raise the turbine room pillar. At the same time, three supports have been installed for the ceiling at the 327.00 level next to hydro-generator 9.   Hydro-generator 7 is being dismantled.  A plan is being developed for intensive start-up work at hydro-generator 6.  Workers continue to clear debris at the 327.00 - 310.00 levels, and work on restoring lighting at the 305.75 level of the HPP building has begun. Work is also being carried out to clear the level.

At present, the sewage pumping station is being repaired: electric motors have been removed to carry out drying and inspection work and the pumps have been serviced.

The Company has drawn up a plan of action to restore the fire-extinguishing system. Teams are allowed work access in accordance with the access control system, while strict control is exercised to ensure full compliance with labor discipline and adherence to safety standards.




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