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February 28, 2008

Essential Fact 28-02-2008

1. The general data

1.1. The full company name of

the emitter (for noncommercial

organizations - the name) joint-stock company « the Territorial generating company 9 »


joint-stock company « the Territorial generating company 9 »

1.2. Reduced firm

name of the emitter


1.3. The address of the emitter

The Russian Federation, Perm, Komsomolsky avenue, 48

1.4. PCRN of the emitter


1.5. VAT of the emitter


1.6. A unique code of the emitter,

appropriated by registering body


1.7. The address of page in Internet, used by the emitter

for disclosing the information




2. Contents of the message


« Data about the end of securities accommodation »

2.1. A kind, a category (type), a series and other identification attributes of securities:Shares of nominal ordinary paperless (further - "Shares").

2.2. Term to maturity (for bonds and options of the emitter):Data are not specified for the given kind of securities.

2.3. State registration number of release (additional release) securities and date of the state registration:1-01-56741-D-007D as of August 14, 2007.

2.4. The name of the registering authority which carried out the state registration of release (additional release) of securities:Federal service on the financial markets (FSFM ofRussia).

2.5. The Face-value (if presence of a face-value is stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation) of each placed securities:0,003 rouble.

2.6. A way of accommodation of securities:public offering

2.7. Date of the actual beginning of accommodation of securities (date of fulfilment of the first transaction, directed on alienation of securities to the first owner):on December 11, 2007

2.8. Date of the actual expiration of placement of securities (date of entering of last credit entry under the personal account (security account) of first owner in system of the rights account to securities of release (additional release) or date of delivery of last certificate of the documentary securities of release (additional release) without the obligatory centralized storage):on January 29, 2008

2.9. Quantity of actually placed securities:2 126 558 801 497 and 663/801 pieces.

2.10. A share of actually placed securities from total of release securities (additional release), a subject accommodation:57,8950 %.

2.11. The actual price (prices) of placement of securities and quantity of the securities, placed on each the prices of accommodation:

The actual price of replacement of Shares, including the price of replacement of Shares to the persons included in the list of persons, having the right of priority on purchase of placed Shares: 0,00801 rouble for one Share.

Quantity of Shares, placed under the specified price:2 126 558 801 497 and 663/801 pieces.

2.12. Payment terms of outstanding securities:Payment of Shares was carried outby money resources in the non-cash order in roubles of the Russian Federation on the settlement account of JSC " TGC-9 " specified in the registered prospectus of securities (Shares) and the decision on additional release of securities (Shares).

2.13. Data on transactions, which contains an interest, and also about the large transactions, accomplished by the emitter during accommodation of securities, and about the fact of their approval by the authorized controls of the emitter or absence of such approval.

During accommodation of securities (Shares) by the emitter the following transaction was made, which contains an interest:

The transaction of sale and purchase of ordinary shares of JSC " TGC-9 " placed by the open subscription in quantity 2 124 724 351 843 pieces, concluded between JSC " TGC-9 " and "KES-HOLDING" ltd, which address is: 117452, the Russian Federation, MoscowBalaklavsky prospectus, 28, bld. B. The Specified transaction was approved by Annual general meeting of shareholders of JSC " TGC-9 " on June 28, 2007 (Report 11 as of July 05, 2007).


3. Signature

3.1. Chief Manager of

JSC " TGC-9 "








3.2. Date “







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