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North-West Telecom

December 29, 2007

OJSC North-West Telecom winning tenders for universal communication services

By the results of the tenders for provision of universal telephone services, the results of which were announced by the RF Federal Communication Agency (Rossvyaz) on December 6, 2007, OJSC North-West Telecom was named as the winner of the tenders for provision of universal telephone services using payphones in the Republic of Karelia, Republic of Komi, Leningrad Oblast, Novgorod Oblast, Archangel Oblast, Vologda Oblast, Kaliningrad Oblast, Murmansk Oblast, and Pskov Oblast (Rossvyaz website).

On the tender panel list were representatives of the Ministry fir information Technologies and Communications, Federal Communication Agency, Ministry of Economic Development, concerned Committees of the State Duma and Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Expert Agency of the RF President, and governmental bodies of the RF subject territories where the tenders were held.

According to the terms of the tender, N.W.Telecom will install 11,136 payphones in 11,136 inhabited localities in the North-Western Federal District:

- in the Republic of Karelia: 118 payphones in 118 inhabited localities,

- in the Republic of Komi: 141 payphones in 141 inhabited localities,

- in Archangel Oblast: 491 payphones in ? 491 inhabited localities,

- in Vologda Oblast: 3006 payphones in 3006 inhabited localities,

- in Kaliningrad Oblast: 527 payphones in 527 inhabited localities,

- in Leningrad Oblast: 1235 payphones in 1235 inhabited localities,

- in Murmansk Oblast: 12 payphones in 12 inhabited localities,

- in Novgorod Oblast: 1497 payphones in 1497 inhabited localities,

- in Pskov Oblast: 4109 payphones in 4109 inhabited localities.

N.W.Telecom as universal service operator shall put into operation all payphones in the tender-covered area within one year from the day of signing of the contracts with Rossvyaz, as regards Vologda and Pskov Oblasts, and within 6 months, as applied to all other RF subject territories.

The per minute tariffs for local telephone connections using the universal payphones as set by the RF Federal Communication Agency will be, in Kaliningrad Oblast, 34 kopecks, in Archangel Oblast, 40 kopecks (49 kopecks for the Nenets District), in Novgorod Oblast, Pskov Oblast, and Vologda Oblast, 45 kopecks, in Leningrad Oblast, 48 kopecks, in Murmansk Oblast and the Republic of Komi, 51 kopecks, and in the Republic of Karelia, 55 kopecks. One minute of intrazonal communication (within an oblast or republic) will cost 2 rubles 50 kopecks for Archangel Oblast, Murmansk Oblast and the Republics of Komi and Karelia; for Novgorod Oblast, Pskov Oblast, Kaliningrad Oblast, Vologda Oblast, and Leningrad Oblast, the rate will be 2 rubles 25 kopecks. The national and international telephone communication services using the universal service payphones will be provided at telecommunication operatorsí tariffs.

The payphones for universal communication services will be installed at convenient public places in accordance with the requirements and rules of provision of universal communication services. Using a universal service payphone, you may not only call but also receive a free incoming call. Universal service payphone cards may be purchased at the N.W.Telecom customer service centers or at post offices.




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